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A Long (and Short) History Of World Cup Hemlines And Women’s Fashion – Quartz

A Long (and Short) History Of World Cup Hemlines And Women’s Fashion  –  Quartz 1970s-2

AP Photo/Carlo Fumagalli This post has been corrected. When the 2014 World Cup soccer players take the field this afternoon, the hemlines of their shorts will hover not far from their kneesnot unlike the ones on players in the inaugural1930 World Cup. Of course, athletic uniformsmust be designed forperformance, but like all clothing, theyre also affected by the stylesof the times. And indeed, our analysisof World Cup shortsover time shows that soccer kits reflected therising and falling of womens hemlines(which Wharton School professor George Taylor has hypothesized in turn reflect the economy). When we tested Quartzscompletely unscientific theory of World Cup hemlines on Jen Valentine, who managessoccer marketing in the U.S. for Adidas, she offered some affirmation. Absolutely, she said. In the sporting goods industry we definitely take fashion cues and trends from outside our industry,to constantly evolve. This year, Valentine said, well be seeinglengthy 8-inch inseams on all of Adidass World Cup uniforms (including the teams from Spain, Germany, Argentina, and Colombia).

@VIBEVixen VBLog » 10 Rappers That’ve Rocked Women’s Clothing » VIXEN


Uh, we dont think so. But recently, Jay was spotted wearing a black Rodarte jersey thats reportedly part of an upscale clothing collection for women. And while Hov didnt look too ridiculous in the $450 jerseyit looked like a Carolina Panthers football jersey from afaritwaskind of weird to see him rocking something that was originally created for someone like his wife Beyonce. Regardless, quite a few rappers in the past have boldly shopped in the ladies section for clothes. From Lil Wayne and his jeggings to Young Thug and his now-infamous dress, check out 10 rappers whove been accused of wearing womens clothing. Check out the full list on VIBE . Photo Credit: Splash News

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